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Seller's guide

Step 1:
Visit our website or call us to inquire about our auction business scope and understand the relevant auction rules。


Step Two:
1. Send the shot in kind
If you bring the collection material directly to the company for auction business, please refer to the following categories of collections auction time:

(Unless otherwise noted, the delivery time is 9:30 am -11:30 PM 1:30 PM -4:30 PM on weekdays)

Delivery schedule


上午 9:30-11:30 

下午 13:30-16:30

Painting and calligraphy department
Porcelain department

Arts and crafts department

Department of Ancient Books

Philatelic Products Department





Oil painting department

Jewelry department

  Special note: If it coincides with the company's preview, auction period (specific time see the auction noticeAs well as the pre-shoot arrangement time (1-2 days before the preview), please be sure to call in advance to consult whether you can receive visiting customers。Sorry for any inconvenience caused。

If you have furniture collection, please give priority to mail or email。

2. Send photos by email
(1) Chinese painting and calligraphy collection (modern painting and calligraphy, ancient painting and calligraphy, contemporary painting and calligraphy)
     Spring and autumn big painting
     Four seasons auction calligraphy and painting
(2) Artifacts collection
     Spring and autumn sales: porcelain, jade, purple sand, Buddha statues, embroidery, snuff bottles, literature, incense burner, contemporary porcelain
     Spring and autumn sales: classical furniture, national stone, seal cutting, Guqin
     Four Seasons auction ceramic crafts
(3)Chinese oil painting and sculpture, contemporary art collection
(4)Collections of ancient books and calligraphers
(5)Stamp products, coins, gold and silver, celebrity letters, signature collection
Jewellery and timepieces
(7)Other project collection and consultation

Email Auction Instructions:
Our companynonsupportOversized attachments for external download to read photos function, please use your collection photosGeneral accessoriesThe form is directly pasted or uploaded within the mail to send。
Please pay attention to the format size of the sent photos, each photo is recommended not to exceed 500k, each email should not exceed 30M。
Please write your name and the item in the subject of the email and send it to each department。If you send multiple emails, mark the serial number after the subject of each email (for example, 1,2,3...).。
The subject of the email label is xxx(your name)书画藏品1。
We will reply to you as soon as possible。The reply may be delayed due to busy auction business during the auction period. Thank you for your understanding。
If experts preliminarily judge that the collection is suitable for auction,可Refer to the actual delivery timeFurther review by business experts。

3. Send the letter
Send the photos and related information to our company by Courier/registered mail/regular mail. Please leave your address, postcode and contact number in the letter。
Please note: Please do not send the physical collection directly to us。


Step Three:
The company's business experts examine the objects of the collection。


Step 4:
The parties shall sign a contract for entrusted auction, and the auction objects shall be retained by the Company。


Step five:
Auction objects are included in the auction objects catalogue。


Step six:
Auction objects are publicly displayed during the auction preview。


Step 7:

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